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[Lab] Addressing the Diagnostic Delay


This study is investigating communication about chronic pelvic pain (CPP) and hopes to voice the concerns of CPP patients, raise interest in studying CPP communication, and uncover information that will reduce the diagnostic delay associated with these conditions.

Supervisor: Dr. Tina M. Harris


Students enrolled in COMM1110COMM1500 and other upper division COMM courses that offer extra credit for research participation are eligible to participate. 

Individuals 18 years of age or older with chronic pelvic pain (CPP) are eligible, including those with a diagnosis and those still in the diagnostic process.The chronic pelvic pain must afflict anatomy that is conventionally considered “female” in medical diagnosis (i.e., uterus, ovaries, vulva, etc.), but the individuals do not have to identify as female or as women.  Some examples of conditions included in this study are: vulvodynia, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc.

Individuals who are uncertain if their condition meets the requirements of the study may email the investigator ( to confirm.

Time to Complete

1-2 hours


Participants will be asked to engage in a private, in-depth interview lasting 1 to 2 hours. They may schedule an interview in one of the listed weekly time slots (see below) or email the researcher to schedule a time that fits their schedule if none of the slots available work.

If you have signed up for a lab session but can no longer participate, please inform us ( and request to have your name removed from the opportunity sign-up list as early as possible. 

Please note: If you are not eligible for the lab study, do NOT sign up for any lab sessions below. Course credit or extra credit will only be granted to eligible participants who have completed the lab sessions. 


Current Sessions


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